Event cards allow the overlord player to activate special abilities and take unexpected actions. Each event card lists one or more triggering conditions that determine the timing and situation in which it can be played. The overlord player may play event cards at any time as long as the triggering conditions on the card have been met. After playing an event card and paying its threat cost, the overlord simply follows the instructions printed on the card, resolves its effects, and discards the card.

Important: Only one event card may be played per triggering condition. So, for example, each time a monster is attacked, the overlord may play only one dodge card.

Event Cards Edit

Aim Play immediately after making an attack but before rolling any dice Your attack is an aimed attack
Dodge Play after a hero has attacked a monster. The monster dodges the attack
Charge Play when you activate a monster. Double the monsters speed for this activation
Gust of Wind Play at the start of your turn. Untill the start of your nest turn the heroes' torches are blown out and they cannot trace line of sight farther then 5 spaces away. This card does not effect monsters' line of sight.
Rage Play when you activate a monster. The monster may attack twice during this activation(4 times if it has Quick Shot).