In addition to the Skill cards they receive normally, The Tomb of Ice introduces Feat cards that hero players can receive and use. When drawn, Feat cards are always placed into a player’s hand without being revealed. Feat cards can never be traded with or given to other players.

Feat Cards Setup Edit

During setup, after the Skill cards have been dealt to the hero players, separate the three Feat decks (fighting, subterfuge, and wizardry) and shuffle them individually. Then, each hero player draws the quantity and selection of Feat cards indicated by the starting skills section of his hero sheet.

Playing Feat Cards Edit

Each Feat card lists one or more triggering conditions that determine the timing and situation in which it can be played. Hero players may play Feat cards at any time as long as the triggering conditions have been met. After playing a Feat card, the hero player simply follows the instructions printed on the card, resolves its effects, and discards the card onto a discard pile for that feat type.Important: Each hero player may only play one Feat card per turn. So, for example, each hero player may play one Feat card on his turn, and one Feat card on the overlord’s turn.

Drawing Feat Cards Edit

'When a hero player activates a glyph, all hero players may draw one Feat card (unless their hero sheets state differently). Additionally, some quests’ treasure chests yield Feat cards as rewards. When a treasure chest lists a Feat card as a reward, all hero players may draw one Feat card (unless their hero sheets state differently).When several players must draw Feat cards at the same time, they may decide among themselves what order to draw them in. If the hero players cannot agree, the overlord player chooses for them.Each hero player may only draw from Feat decks of the types they are able to draw from during setup.