• A hero receives a number of movement points based on his speed and the action he takes on his turn. For example, a running hero with a speed of 4 receives 8 movement points.
  • A monster always receives movement points equal to its speed, as shown on the monster reference cards.

The player moves his figure, one space at a time, until he has either used all of the figure’s allowed movement points or is satisfied with its position. The player may choose not to use all of the figure’s available movement points.

The following rules apply to movement.

  • Figures may move into any adjacent space (including diagonal spaces) for 1 movement point each, but must remain on the board at all times during their move.
  • Figures may pass through spaces occupied by friendly figures during movement, but they cannot attack while in the same space as another figure and they must end their movement in an empty space. A hero treats all other heroes as friendly figures, while a monster treats all other monsters as friendly figures.
  • Figures can safely move next to and/or around enemy figures unless the enemy figure has the Aura or Grapple ability. See pages 22 and 23 for a summary of special abilities, including Aura and Grapple.
  • Figures cannot move into or through closed doors, blocking obstacles, or enemy figures during their movement.
  • A figure may make attacks at any point during its movement. For example, a figure with a speed of 4 may move 2 spaces, attack, and then move another 2 spaces.
  • Special movement rules apply to the large monster figures (i.e., any figure whose base occupies more than one space on the board). See “Large Monsters,” page 15.
  • Players can also choose to spend their movement points on performing actions instead of moving

0 Pick up a token in your space*^
0 Drop an item (it is lost forever, unless it is a relic)^
1 Move from glyph to town(and vise versa)*
1 Walk up or down a staircase
1 Give an item to an adjacent player
1 Drink a potion
2 Open or close a normal door
2 open a chest*
2 open or close a rune-locked door**
2 re-equip*
3 Jump over a pit
^ Can be performed even with no movement
* Hero players only
**Hero only and only when unlocked