Journeys in the Dark Edit

Hero Turn Order Edit

At the beginning of the heroes turn they collectively choose which order to go in.
A hero's turn is divided into 3 steps:
1: Refresh Cards: some cards are exhausted when used once it has been exhausted a card my not be used again until this step of the controlling player's next turn.
2: Equip Items: the heroes may have equipped 1 armor, 3 potions, 2 other and Items whose "hand" icons equal 2 or less.
3: Take an action: a hero may choose one of 4 actions to take after which his/her turn ends.
A: Run: move up to 2 his/her speed, but can't attack.
B: Battle: Make up to 2 attacks, but can't move.
C: Advance: Move up to his/her speed and make 1 attack.
D: Ready: either move up to his/her speed or attack and then place and order.

Overlord Player's Turn Edit

1: Collect threat and draw cards: 1 threat for each hero and draw 2 cards from the top of the deck, then discard down to 8. The overlord gains threat from any cards discarded as indicated on the lower right of the card.
2: Spawn Monsters: The overlord may play ONE spawn card a turn.
3: Activate Monsters: Monsters may be activated only once during the overlords turn. Once Activated the monster can move up to its speed and/or make one attack, in any order.