The overlord uses trap cards to deal damage directly to the heroes. The overlord player may play trap cards at any time as long as the triggering conditions on the card have been met. After playing a trap card and paying its threat cost, the overlord simply follows the instructions printed on the card, resolves its effects, and discards the card.

Important: Only one trap card may be played per triggering condition. So, for example, each time a hero moves into a space, the overlord may play only one trap card that is triggered when a hero moves into a space.

Trap Cards

NameWhenEffectSaving Throw
Crushing BlockA hero moves into an empty space that is not adjacent to any obstacles.The hero suffers 4 wounds (ignoring armor). Then, move the hero into an adjacent space of your choice.4 Power Die: -1/surge
Curse of the Monkey GodA hero opens a chest.The Hero is transformed into a monkey.Power Die: Blank negates
Dark CharmAt the start of your turn and choose a hero.The hero must make one attack that you declare. This attack may target any hero, but is subject to the normal rules.Power Die: Blank Negates
Explosive DoorA hero opens a door.Every hero adjacent to the door suffers 4 wounds ignoring armor.4 Power Die: -1/Surge
Explosive RuneA hero opens a chest.Every hero suffers 6 wounds ignoring armor.3 power Die: -2/surge
MimicA hero opens a chestThe chest is alive and it's contents cannot be distributed until it is killed. Treat as a beastman and activate it immediatly. After its activation the hero's turn resumes. If the chest is killed the contents are immediatly distributed.
Paralyzing GasA hero opens a doorThe hero's turn immediatly ends and you may place 1 stun token on him/her.Power Die: Blank negates
Spike PitA hero moves into an empty space.The Hero falls into a pit and suffers 2 wounds.Power Die: Blank Negates